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  • Ferguson Australia – SA’s premium seafood provider

    Hi foodies, When you think about South Australian seafood, what comes in your mind first? Oyster? King Prawns? Scallop? or Southern Rock Lobsters? I have everything in my mind. I truly think we are quite lucky living in South Australia…. Read More ›

  • Inside Morocco

    Hi foodies, Have you ever travelled to Morocco? I haven’t! But it is on my agenda to do in future. This fascinating country has some of the finest flavours to offer to the world. Tajines and mint tea, two of… Read More ›

  • Cantina Sociale – The difference starts here!

    Hi foodies, Do you realise the number of wine bars in Adelaide has been boomed over the past several years? All these new bars popped up and some old ones left the scene. This is business. I have been to… Read More ›

  • Williams & Taylor Artisanal Hampers

    Hi foodies, I flipped through my post and realised that I have not posted on product reviews for a long while. However, I recently found something really South Australian and really savoury (and sweet :D), Williams & Taylor Artisanal Hampers!… Read More ›

  • Hill of Grace Restaurant, Adelaide Oval – What an experience!

    Hi foodies, How’s life treating you in your world? Fancy and exciting? I hope so as I have just experienced a week of fun time in Bali. I will have several posts coming soon to capture all-you-need-to-know information for this popular… Read More ›

  • Howard Vineyard Autumn Menu Launch

    Hi foodies, You might have remembered my previous post on Howard Vineyard and the fact that our MasterChef Heather Day heads the restaurant really lightened up the culinary color of the dishes on offer. 🙂 After the first visit, I… Read More ›

  • Cafe Salsa, West Beach

    Hi Foodies, If you ever lived in the West Beach precinct, you must have remembered Cafe Salsa, a cafe with lots of South American features but specialising in Italian food. The long 30 years running business have certainly left something… Read More ›

  • Howard Vineyard – MasterChef Heather Day Heads the Clover Restaurant

    Dear foodies, I know having two posts out on the same day is a bit hectic, especially it is a SUNDAY too! However, I just want to share with you all about my current visit to Howard Vineyard. If you… Read More ›