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  • Cafe Salsa, West Beach

    Hi Foodies, If you ever lived in the West Beach precinct, you must have remembered Cafe Salsa, a cafe with lots of South American features but specialising in Italian food. The long 30 years running business have certainly left something… Read More ›

  • Howard Vineyard – MasterChef Heather Day Heads the Clover Restaurant

    Dear foodies, I know having two posts out on the same day is a bit hectic, especially it is a SUNDAY too! However, I just want to share with you all about my current visit to Howard Vineyard. If you… Read More ›

  • Murray Valley Pork – Absolutely Delicious Pulled Pork

    Dear foodies, 2017 went really fast! Can you imagine it is already mid of February?! I was still living in my fairy land of Christmas, New Year, Australian Day and Chinese New Year but just realised 1/6 of the year… Read More ›

  • Spot & Co

    Hi Foodies, If you have followed me on Facebook, you would find that lately we have been to a number of bars. Today is about another experience – Spot & Co. Spot & Co is a new bar opened two… Read More ›

  • Maid for Summer – The Maid Hotel

    Hey foodies, Are you looking for a relaxing and enjoyable place for some yummy dishes and delicious cocktails? The Maid Hotel has just launched their summer menu! This season, the hotel launched some new cocktails alongside a variety of dishes… Read More ›

  • Ryukyu Sashimi – Do you still remember Ryukyu?

    I normally tend not to write anything political or historical. What can food relate back to history? That’s true, unless if something has a long history of evolution. Many people thought I am a food reviewer. Partially correct, I used… Read More ›

  • Thai Street Food Cooking Class by Terry from Sukhumvit Soi38

    How are we foodies?! I guess we are all busy eating around to satisfy our cravings. So do I -busy work, busy cooking and eating. Although life is getting busier, the inner satisfaction about the career, the job and many… Read More ›

  • Mrs Q – You know until you try…

    Dear foodies, If you are an Adelaidean, you must agree that our state is the Festival State. However, I think our state is also the FOOD State. Look at the number of restaurants we got (per human capital) and look… Read More ›