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  • Ryukyu Sashimi – Do you still remember Ryukyu?

    I normally tend not to write anything political or historical. What can food relate back to history? That’s true, unless if something has a long history of evolution. Many people thought I am a food reviewer. Partially correct, I used… Read More ›

  • Thai Street Food Cooking Class by Terry from Sukhumvit Soi38

    How are we foodies?! I guess we are all busy eating around to satisfy our cravings. So do I -busy work, busy cooking and eating. Although life is getting busier, the inner satisfaction about the career, the job and many… Read More ›

  • Mrs Q – You know until you try…

    Dear foodies, If you are an Adelaidean, you must agree that our state is the Festival State. However, I think our state is also the FOOD State. Look at the number of restaurants we got (per human capital) and look… Read More ›

  • German Style Potato Salad

    Dear foodies, Do you like German cuisine? You answers may vary but my one is quite definite. Grown up in a city, Tsingtao, established and built by Germans since 1898. German influence has been in my life since when I… Read More ›

  • Inari – simple and delicious sushi!

    You know I love sushi, right?! November last year, Tina and I did a mighty two weeks Japan and experienced fantasy of food. Japanese cuisine is quite clean and refreshing while one can definitely enjoy the original flavour of many… Read More ›

  • Clonakilty – a delicacy from Ireland

    Dear readers, Do you like black pudding? I see some nods and hear many nah. I am the same. I’ve tried┬ámany black puddings in my life but none of them are so satisfactory. With English black puddings, they are tasty… Read More ›

  • [Murray Valley Pork] 6-2-2 Fantasies

    I am sure that you have read/heard/watched the 6-2-2 method of cooking pork. If you haven’t, this is a method that some chefs use to cook their pork steaks. Simply speaking, the method is quite easy to follow – 6… Read More ›

  • Kalettes – your new hybrid between Kale and Brussels Sprouts

    Kalettes? – Someone may wonder what this is. Kalettes are a new vegetable variety, a hybrid between Kale and Brussels Sprouts. It was developped by a seed company in the UK and has been in the market for over 15… Read More ›

  • [Murray Valley Pork] Okonomiyaki? No, I say Porkonomiyaki~

    Japanese food is one of my most loved cuisine so far – the simplicity and flavour always takes people to a great culinary experience. Okonomiyaki is a typical Japanese dish originated in Osaka, popular in many places around the world…. Read More ›