The Wine Underground – A Revisit

Folks, I told you I’ll keeping going back to the Wine Underground. Yes, I did on the same day as I visited Antiquteas, but this time I used a cudo voucher which I bought 7 months ago. The place was still as elegant as before – to read my previous review, please click here.



We started with two glasses of wines, a shiraz and a rose. Both of them were very nice. The rose was nice, crisp and had strong strawberry on the nose and fresh fruit on the palate. The shiraz was thick and creamy and the after taste was much better than the rose. However, this shiraz did not have its typical peppercorn spice on the palate.


The next course was an Entree platter which contained pan fried salmon pieces (2), pork terrine (2) and a big serve of preserved olives in oil.

(1)The one I liked the best was the terrine. Tightly combined pork went very well with the pickled gherkin, giving this salty yet refreshing taste. The crispbread was crunchy and formed a good compliment to the terrine.

(2) The pan fried salmon was delicious as well. Although they were pan fried, basically you couldn’t taste any dryness. All I can find was heaps of aromas and moisture.  However, I found the fish was over oily and this may be the reason for its tenderness (?).

(3) The olives were standard, salty but they did taste very strong in spices.



Included in the voucher was also a main for each diner.


Hay Valley Lamb rump, roasted shallots, Provencale vegetables, panfried gnocchi


Hay Valley Lamb rump, roasted shallots, Provencale vegetables, panfried gnocchi

Hay Valley Lamb rump, roasted shallots, Provencale vegetables, panfried gnocchi. That’s what I ordered. Medium lamb rump was presented on top of a mixture of vegetables cooked in rich tomato sauce. The lamb was tender and nice as it should be for med/rare-med. The really credible addition to this dish was the gnocchi. They have soaked the flavourful tomato sauce and sucked enough juices from the lamb, making no boring bite for this dish.

Magret Duck breast, pickled cumquats, sweet corn, fondant potato


Magret Duck breast, pickled cumquats, sweet corn, fondant potato


This dish was good, but not good enough. The crispy skin and medium tender moist duck breasts were all those things that attracted me. The jus, the potato  and the rest of the dish were all good but when putting them together, I tasted something bitter which can’t even be covered by the rich and flavourful duck. Maybe the bitterness was from the beans, which were not 120% cooked? I don’t know. OR maybe I just got the bad batch 😛


The overall experience with the Wine Underground was similar to my last one. Although the dishes ordered this time were not as good as the ones I ordered previously, they were still quite yum. I’ve also noticed an increase in the amount of food per serve. Good work 😀 LOL


Food: 4/5
Service: 3.5/5
Value: N/A – I am not putting a value down here cos a voucher was used.
Ambience: 3.5/5

Total: 11/15


The Wine Underground

121 Pirie Street
Adelaide, SA 5000

P 08 8232 1222


Wine Underground on Urbanspoon


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